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Elevating your home experience through
intentional and functional pieces
and colorful designs that evoke positive feelings


Created based on the concept of minimalism

Urth & Co. is a pandemic-born business, which first served fresh indoor plants to interior design enthusiasts who wanted to incorporate biophilic designs in their spaces. From selling pots and planters in the beginning, the brand gained more loyal patrons and slowly transitioned to offering colorful home essentials that instantly became crowd favorites.

We are inspired to be more than just a source of essential home pieces, as we put high value on the impact of creating calm spaces on our overall well-being as humans. We believe that colors can play an influential role in creating positive effects on our minds, bodies, and overall mood. At Urth & Co., form meets function, and we aim to simplify home beautification and make it a calming and liberating experience for all.

Urth and Co Brand Shoot by Her Light Studios_210922_0085.jpg

Come home to a calm home.

A calm home makes you want to come home. For Urth & Co., home beautification isn't just about lavish desires. We understand that the spaces where we exist contribute to our physical and mental well-being. That's why we aim to simplify home beautification and help home design enthusiasts be more intentional with their choices and purchases.

We wish to be seen as a creative and impactful home linen brand. More than the aesthetics, our goal is to help homeowners unravel their authenticity through colors in the way they build their spaces with the perfect balance of intentional and functional.


Essential home decor pieces
that look and feel natural



We don't want to overcomplicate the home experience. We offer fresh, clean, and inspired home linen choices that build calm homes minus the unnecessary clutter. We're a firm believer of simple living and only keeping the things that matter.



We love adding colors to our living spaces. They make the entire room look and feel alive and cheery, mellow and calming, or lush and inspiring. We provide a wide spectrum of colors—ranging from warm, bright hues to cool, soothing hues.



We are genuinely passionate about helping our customers achieve a happier and more intentional lifestyle. We do this by sharing mindful exercises about domestic life, building intentional spaces, and affirming their unique experiences as home dwellers.



As we aim to take part in building calm homes, we exude a cheerful personality that will inspire our audience to welcome positivity into their homes. We are enthusiastic about building relationships with our customers and other brands.

Client love

This is my third velvet pillowcase from Urth & Co. As always, super pleased with the quality and the packaging. Shipped promptly and packaged well. Until next time!

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